The father of a Melbourne woman who took her two young children to Syria denies she is an Islamic State recruiter.


Dullel Kassab, 28, took her children to Syria in mid-2014 after learning her husband, Sam, had been killed on the border with Turkey.

Her father, who does not want to be identified, says she is not a recruiter or a jihadi bride.

“That’s false. I haven’t confirmed it. I don’t know … that’s not my information,” he told Seven News on Friday.

Ms Kassab has remarried and has reportedly posted concerning messages on Twitter.

“Jst asked my 4yo wat she wants 2 watch. Muslims killing bad ppl (i.e. #IS vids obv not beheading ones)” (sic) she posted in October.

Ms Kassab’s father said the family just wanted to see the kids again.

“We love them dearly. We want them to come home,” he said.

“We’d love to see them, we’d like to play with them, we miss them.

Ms Kassab’s father said she went to Syria to find out what happened to her husband.

“She had a mission and her mission was to find out about her husband.”

He also said threats of sanctions and imprisonment weren’t conducive to encouraging her to come home.

“We miss the children a lot,” a spokesman for the dead husband’s family told News Corp Australia.

“Their safety and religion has been compromised and we are deeply worried but unable to do anything about it.

“We pray they come back but it does not look good.”

While he does not know Ms Kassab, Palestinian Community Association of Victoria president Imad Sukkar said it was very sad to hear another Australian had joined IS.

Mr Sukkar was not aware of her circumstances but said Muslims, and the broader community, needed to realise the terror group did not represent Islam beliefs.

“We don’t look at these actions as martyrs, it’s not in the book, the Koran or teachings,” he told AAP on Friday.

He said it was up to Islamic leaders to loudly denounce the actions of the group, and those who leave Australia to fight for them.