Threats against independent MP Tony Windsor are inexcusable, Prime Minister Julia Gillard says.


Mr Windsor, whose vote will be critical to passing the federal government’s proposed carbon price legislation, revealed on Tuesday night he had received a death threat.

“You’re a … liar, a dog, a rat … I hope you die, you bastard,” the caller said in a message left on Mr Windsor’s mobile phone.

Ms Gillard on Wednesday condemned the threat.

“There is no excuse in a society like ours, in a peaceful, wonderful country like Australia, for people making threats or people engaging in any acts of violence,” she told reporters in Canberra.

“It’s not part of our democracy, it’s not part of the Australian way.”

Ms Gillard said she wasn’t aware of any Labor MPs being threatened, before taking the opportunity to chastise Opposition Leader Tony Abbott over his climate change plan, which the government says will cost $30 billion.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet earlier on Wednesday said figures show the total cost of the coalition’s climate plan was the original $10.5 billion plus $20 billion to buy abatement permits on international markets.

“That would put a burden of $720 on every family in the country. That’s the carbon pricing debate,” she said.

“There are Liberals, like Malcolm Turnbull, who understand that pricing carbon is necessary and the kind of market-based mechanism I’m committed to is the best way to do it.”

Ms Gillard last week announced the government wanted to introduce a fixed price on carbon from July 2012 and an emissions trading scheme (ETS), with a floating price, three to five years later.